bibliothek.extension.gui.dock Extensions to the Core framework, including the BubbleTheme, EclipseTheme and the preference mechanism.
bibliothek.extension.gui.dock.preference Generic collection of preferences used in this framework.
bibliothek.extension.gui.dock.preference.editor A set of PreferenceEditors for types that are often used.
bibliothek.extension.gui.dock.preference.model A set of PreferenceModels that show properties of this framework.
bibliothek.extension.gui.dock.preference.preferences Implementations of various Preferences which are used in the default set of preferences.
bibliothek.extension.gui.dock.preference.preferences.choice A set of small classes containing choices the user can make.
bibliothek.extension.gui.dock.station.split Optional helper functions to keep the size of Dockable even if the elements are moved around.
bibliothek.extension.gui.dock.theme Contains some DockThemes.
bibliothek.extension.gui.dock.theme.bubble Various graphical and logical components used when BubbleTheme is active.
bibliothek.extension.gui.dock.theme.eclipse Various graphical and logical components needed when the EclipseTheme is active.
bibliothek.extension.gui.dock.theme.eclipse.displayer The DockableDisplayers that are used by the EclipseTheme.
bibliothek.extension.gui.dock.theme.eclipse.rex Contains the elements needed to paint a generic "tabbed pane".
bibliothek.extension.gui.dock.theme.eclipse.stack An implementation of TabPane and supporting classes for the EclipseTheme. Various components needed to paint and manage the tab which is visible on a EclipseTabPane.
bibliothek.extension.gui.dock.theme.flat Various graphical and logical components needed to paint the layout when FlatTheme is active.
bibliothek.extension.gui.dock.theme.smooth Contains elements to paint a DockTitle which smoothly changes its color.
bibliothek.extension.gui.dock.util Some simple utilty classes.
bibliothek.gui The high level interfaces of the framework and the most often used classes.
bibliothek.gui.dock The five basic classes implementing Dockable and DockStation plus some supporting elements.
bibliothek.gui.dock.accept Contains classes to deal with DockAcceptances.
bibliothek.gui.dock.action The components dealing with the logic of DockActions.
bibliothek.gui.dock.action.actions Contains a set of different DockActions and supporting classes.
bibliothek.gui.dock.action.dropdown Elements needed to design the communication between a DropDownAction and its children.
bibliothek.gui.dock.action.view Classes to create a views for DockActions.
bibliothek.gui.dock.common A set of classes that can be used to create basic applications.
bibliothek.gui.dock.common.action Contains different DockActions and subclasses of CAction to create buttons, checkboxes, menus and other components as button in the titles and tabs of CDockables.
bibliothek.gui.dock.common.action.panel Supporting classes for CPanelPopup.
bibliothek.gui.dock.common.action.predefined A set of more complex actions that can be directly used.
bibliothek.gui.dock.common.event Various listeners and adapters that can be added to CControl, CDockable and other classes associated with them.  
bibliothek.gui.dock.common.intern Classes and interfaces used internally.
bibliothek.gui.dock.common.intern.action CActions and supporting classes that are not intended for clients to be used directly.
bibliothek.gui.dock.common.intern.action.panel Supporting classes for CPanelPopup.
bibliothek.gui.dock.common.intern.color Various implementations of ColorBridge used by the themes of Common to transfer colors from the ColorMap of CDockables through the ColorManager to the Components which are related to said dockables.
bibliothek.gui.dock.common.intern.font Various implementations of FontBridge to transfer fonts stored in a FontMap.
bibliothek.gui.dock.common.intern.layout Implementation of a LayoutChangeStrategy and supporting classes.
bibliothek.gui.dock.common.intern.station Contains the CommonDockStation, various implementations of CommonDockStation and supporting classes.
bibliothek.gui.dock.common.intern.ui Base-classes intended for inheritance and small strategy-classes modifying the way Core works.
bibliothek.gui.dock.common.layout Classes to manage how space is distributed between Dockables.
bibliothek.gui.dock.common.location Various implementations of CLocation. Some MenuPieces to modify the layout and settings of an application that uses Common.
bibliothek.gui.dock.common.mode A subclass of LocationModeManager that handles CLocations, ExtendedModes and is aware of CControl.
bibliothek.gui.dock.common.mode.station Contains wrapper classes for various DockStations, implementing the interface CLocationMode.
bibliothek.gui.dock.common.preference Classes used directly or indirectly by the CPreferenceModel.
bibliothek.gui.dock.common.theme Classes related to the DockThemes.
bibliothek.gui.dock.common.theme.color Introduces an extension to the color management.
bibliothek.gui.dock.common.theme.eclipse Supporting classes for CEclipseTheme.
bibliothek.gui.dock.control Classes responsible to handle some global task.
bibliothek.gui.dock.control.relocator Various implementations of RelocateOperation.
bibliothek.gui.dock.displayer Classes and interfaces that are needed by the DockableDisplayer.
bibliothek.gui.dock.dockable Some classes related to Dockable.
bibliothek.gui.dock.event Listeners, adapters and events used in the whole framework.
bibliothek.gui.dock.facile.action Some DockActions used by Common.
bibliothek.gui.dock.facile.lookandfeel Generic helper classes for the LookAndFeelList Implementations of MenuPiece.
bibliothek.gui.dock.facile.mode Contains an implementation of ModeManager that links a mode to the location of a Dockable.
bibliothek.gui.dock.facile.mode.action A set of DockActions that change the LocationMode of a Dockable.
bibliothek.gui.dock.facile.mode.station Wrappers for DockStations, implementing StationModeArea.
bibliothek.gui.dock.facile.mode.status Strategies helping a LocationModeManager to decide which modes are available for a Dockable.
bibliothek.gui.dock.facile.station.screen Support classes for ScreenDockStation.
bibliothek.gui.dock.facile.station.split Support classes for SplitDockStation.
bibliothek.gui.dock.focus Contains classes that allow the user to switch between Components or from one Dockable to another using only the keyboard.
bibliothek.gui.dock.frontend Classes and interfaces needed by the DockFrontend
bibliothek.gui.dock.layout Elements dealing with the location of Dockables on their DockStation and allowing to store the whole layout of a set of Dockables and stations.
bibliothek.gui.dock.perspective A package dealing with the issues of Applets and Wepstart-applications.
bibliothek.gui.dock.station Elements needed by various implementations of the DockStation interface.
bibliothek.gui.dock.station.flap Elements that are related to the FlapDockStation.
bibliothek.gui.dock.station.screen Elements that are related to the ScreenDockStation.
bibliothek.gui.dock.station.split Elements which are needed by the SplitDockStation, and which are needed to interact with the station.
bibliothek.gui.dock.station.stack Elements which are related to the StackDockStation. Contains an abstract implementation of CombinedMenu including helper classes. This package contains a generic implementation of a "tabbed-pane". Various interfaces and classes used by a TabPane to describe its content to a TabLayoutManager, which will set position and size of all the children of the TabPane. Elements used by various DockStations to store properties and to propagate events to other objects. Offers a list containing factories for various LookAndFeels. Basic interfaces for a small framework that builds and manages JMenus with changing content. Basic interfaces and classes for a framework that assigns modes to Dockables. Utility classes, used to load resources like icons or manage settings that need to be stored persistently.
bibliothek.gui.dock.themes Contains an implementation of DockTheme and all classes which are neede by this theme.
bibliothek.gui.dock.themes.basic Factories and classes used when the BasicTheme is active.
bibliothek.gui.dock.themes.basic.action Elements handling the view of DockActions.
bibliothek.gui.dock.themes.basic.action.buttons Classes which allow to paint and interact with a BasicButtonModel.
bibliothek.gui.dock.themes.basic.action.dropdown Handlers taking various kinds of DockAction and presenting them as DropDownViewItem in order to display them as children of a DropDownAction Handlers taking various kinds of DockAction and presenting them as MenuViewItem in order to display the actions in a menu.
bibliothek.gui.dock.themes.color The color subsystem allows each kind of element to get its colors from a central repository.
bibliothek.gui.dock.themes.font Implementations of DockFont to be used at different places (as described in the documentation for each item).
bibliothek.gui.dock.themes.nostack Elements needed by the NoStackTheme.
bibliothek.gui.dock.title Elements needed to paint the title of a Dockable.
bibliothek.gui.dock.util Distribution of information in a global scale and methods available from everywhere.
bibliothek.gui.dock.util.color The color subsystem, used by most of the components to search for the colors they need to paint.
bibliothek.gui.dock.util.extension Contains classes to create and manage extensions.
bibliothek.gui.dock.util.font The font-subsystem is used to define the fonts that are used to paint text.
bibliothek.gui.dock.util.laf A set of classes dealing with LookAndFeels and telling which colors of a LookAndFeel should be used to paint elements of the framework. Various implementations of PropertyFactory.
bibliothek.gui.dock.util.swing Subclasses of swing-JComponents using the FontUpdater to modify their current font.
bibliothek.util Some classes which are used in DockingFrames, but do not have any importance.
bibliothek.util.container Some classes with generic fields.
bibliothek.util.xml Classes to read, inspect, modify and write XML files.